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Hi everyone and welcome to my Home Gym for Kids website! I have been interested in all things related to child fitness ever since I gave birth to my beautiful daughter. Over the years I have implemented many different ideas to help my child lead a healthy lifestyle and adopt good fitness habits. I’m excited to share these ideas on my website.

My Story

Being a typical single parent living in a small apartment with my amazing 8-year old daughter, I desperately wanted to give her the best possible start in life, and I knew I had limited resources to do so. Being a first generation immigrant, I observed typical Canadian middle-class parents and how dedicated they are to physical development of their kids, and I looked up to them. So I observed them taking their children to sports several times a week, to ski trips and other cool places, and I knew  I couldn’t do all that – I don’t have a car and I don’t have enough money to support this awesome lifestyle.

However, I desperately wanted my child to be fit and healthy. As a former psych major, I knew that it was important to instill healthy habits at an early age. And I wanted my daughter to be more confident in school, and I had a feeling that sports might help her there.

I saw parents build these awesome home gyms and I thought – well, I need space for those. I don’t have a basement and I don’t have a backyard, so this won’t work. Then I came across an apartment-sized home gym and after some hesitation decided to give it a try. I purchased it and installed it in my daughter’s bedroom.

Small Changes Create a Big Effect

This purchase literally changed our life. Many good things start small and this is how it went. At first, she was looking at it, getting used to it. Then she started climbing on it. Then she started enjoying feeling strong. A couple of months later she told me that she wants to do gymnastics. 

The benefits were countless:

– she became more confident at school

– she is stronger, she stopped slouching

– she is proud to invite her friends over and show off her cool exercise wall.

I realized that how I organize my child space matters. What she sees, what she plays with determines future lifestyle habits. Yes, I live in a small apartment and don’t have much, but I can still organize it in a way that promotes healthy lifestyle for both of us. I’m really happy with my purchase and hope it will be a new beginning for you too!

You Can Do That Too!

My story worked for me, and I know so many single parents who struggle to give the best to their children. I know it’s not easy, and unfortunately, promoting healthy lifestyle is not a priority. I’d like to offer you simple ides of how to organize your child’s space to have a comfortable home which promotes healthy living. And I cannot wait to hear your feedback!
On this website, you will find lots of ideas how to organize your child’s space to make it comfortable, fun and promote healthy lifestyle.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

With Love,

Home Gym for Kids

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