Home Gym for Kids – Best Investment in Your Child’s Physical Health

In this article, I will discuss the challenges that we – busy parents – face, and hopefully show that this product can be the optimal solution for your child’s physical development and a foundation of healthy lifestyle.

Importance of Exercise

We all know that physical exercise is very important for a growing child’s development. And we observe the effects of not having enough exercise daily: child obesity is on the rise, and so are related problems – diabetes, postural issues, sluggishness, lack of motivation, etc. Kids with belly fat and poor posture is a sorry sight and we know that these issues will follow many of them into adulthood and will leave a negative effect on their lives.

We also know very well that our children’s emotional well-being depends on their proper physical development. So many psychological characteristics are correlated with exercise – confidence, self-esteem, happiness, success at school. We all agree that physical exercise must be a part of every child’s life.

It All Starts at Home

We as parents have tough a job: we are managers of our children’s lives! We decide how they spend their time and what they can and cannot have in their rooms (to a certain extent). And we learn the hard way that our child’s behavioral choices are a consequences of our parental choices. If we decide they can have a TV in their room, then we should expect them to watch it, since we put it there in the first place. It’s completely in our power to organize their space in such a way that encourages healthy lifestyle choices. 

If you are a parent who cares about his or her child’s health and well-being, you should consider installing a small gym (a.k.a. exercise wall) in your child’s bedroom or play area. Nothing will create a stronger statement and get your message across that you are serious about physical health. It will set them on the right path and you know know that you made the right choice. A small home kids gym doesn’t take much space and provides so many benefits. Be prepared to be the envy of neighbourhood kids and host more playdates 🙂

Parental Challenges in Urban Neighbourhoods

Those of us who live in city apartments know that it’s not easy to provide our children with the nourishing physical space they need. Playgrounds are available in warm seasons only and so kids are left to spend much of their time indoors. We’d love to drive our kids to indoor playgrounds or organized sports activities on a regular basis but lets face it – these activities require 1-time and 2-money, which we may not have.

As a low-income sole parent of a elementary-school girl, I looked up to home-owning middle-class parents and envied their ability to provide their children with fitness activities they need. I knew I could not afford to do the same for my daughter – be it taking her on ski trips (no car and no money), or building a nice exercise space area in the backyard (no house and no husband). Despite of my limitations, I desperately wanted her to have something that would encourage her development in the right direction. I found this all-in-one gym for kids on the Internet and was impressed as it made all the difference. I can now say with confidence that home gyms for kids are a perfect solution to the problem I outlined above. It’s a one-time investment that provided plenty of benefits and changed mine and my daughter’s lives for the better.

Home gym for kids – Best Investment in Your Child’s Physical Health and Well-being

Our brand new wall gym was mounted! My daughter and I stared at it for a minute – wow, this is something different and super-cool! Then she climbed on it – ‘Mommy, look what I can do!’ Little by little, she got used to it and would spend about 10 min on it at a time. Then she realized that gymnastics is pretty much the same thing and became interested in the sport. I signed her up in a local gymnastics studio, and now her time with her new home gym is more focused: she practices exercises that she learned in her gymnastics class. She loves exercising and feeling stong; her favourite home gym time is about 8 pm, and I can tell she needs that time.

Since I acquired a home gym, my daugher has become more confident, her posture has improved and she has a new outlook on life. She loves inviting her friends over to play with it, and I find them all hanging off it like monkeys. Home gym for kids is the best investment ever!

And why not? It hits all the points on a busy urban parent’s checklist: 

  • it allows fun physical exercise right in your child’s room
  • it’s optimal use of a bedroom wall
  • it’s compact, versatile and lots of fun
  • it can be adjusted to fit your child’s height and activity level
  • it fits most apartments and can be easily mounted/dismounted
  • it gives their room a new ‘feel’, one that represents health, fitness and positivity.

I hope you will consider these points and see this product as an optimal

investment in your child’s physical health and development. I sincerely hope that this product will mark a new beginning in your child’s life and will work as well for your family as it did for us.

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